Glowigo, the modern and pioneering brand of the fashion design world, is Milan-based; is a new world brand inspired by the oceans.

Adopting recycling, a vegan world, nature and animal love, Glawigo is a well-established brand that values life.

Glowigo, which gives a modern perspective to traditional raincoats, brings the power of nature to the fashion world with its approach that brings elegance to rainy weather.

Since its establishment, the company has attracted great attention in European countries and has become a successful raincoat brand with waterproof raincoat designs.

Beyond the season, Glowigo, which produces durable products for a long time, continues to grow by combining traditional methods with innovative techniques.


Glow bright in every moment of your life, glow with your energy even when the weather is cloudy!

The roads may be muddy, rains may be torrential, the sky may be dark. Those who shine forward live in the moment, not the past or the future. They are passionate about today and hopeful for tomorrow.

Some days can add pessimism to our lives. Those who advance by shining take their energy from nature and start the day positively. They are free, they free their environment with their free spirit. They have an endless love for animals and nature.

A free, happy, equal and loving world is not far away. Join the glowing ones, improve both your style and your heart.