Non-Disclosure Agreement

The information stated by the buyer and the information stated to make the payment by the buyer will not be shared by third parties. Sensitive and compulsory information (username, e-mail, country, city) and non-compulsory information (year of birth, district, school) received from users during registration will not be disclosed to third parties in any way.  The seller will be able to disclose this information only in the presence of an administrative/legal obligation. If the seller has the information requested from them within the scope of any judicial investigation with the documented capacity to investigate, they can provide it to the relevant authority.  Credit Card information will not be stored by no means and is used only for the purpose of providing the authorization to the relevant banks in a secure manner during the collection process and is deleted from the system after provisioning.  Information such as the buyer’s e-mail address, postal address, and telephone number are used only by the seller for standard product delivery and information procedures. Occasionally, campaign information, new product information, promotion information can be sent to the buyer after their consent.