A good raincoat is a wardrobe staple. Choosing the right one, however, can be a minefield. Raincoats come with a range of bells and whistles and in all colors of the rainbow. They come with high-end brand names attached – with the price tag to match – but are also available for little more than the cost of lunch and a coffee. What is the difference? How much do you need to pay in order to get the coat you want? You need to be able to decode the technical language used to describe your coat in order to choose one that is suitable for your purpose but at the right price point for you. Here is a simple guide to help you find your perfect raincoat.


Paying attention to which materials have been used to construct your coat should be a high priority as they will dictate the coat’s performance. Is the coat water-resistant? Or is it waterproof?


The number of layers used to make up your coat will have an impact on how warm it is. If you want to be dry during summer showers while still remaining cool choose a lightweight breathable material with a lightweight breathable lining. If you are fed up shivering in the playground in November and need a waterproof coat that will also keep you cozy during the winter school run, go for a design with a quilted or padded lining for extra warmth.

Design Details

Designers include extra elements in coats and jackets in order to make them even more functional and suitable for the purpose. Make sure the hood fits well and has toggles to keep it in place since a raincoat without a comfortable hood will not prove to be a good investment. Other elements which will be important in your day-to-day use of the coat could include.

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